Cold Buckwheat Noodles Bowl(Cold Soba Bowl)

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….Since summer has started, I made a batch of @comble0's tsuyu (Japanese dipping sauce) to store. The weather is cool, but since I had the tsuyu ready, I took out ingredients from the refrigerator and made cold soba noodles. First, I put the tsuyu in a plastic bottle and placed it in the freezer. I took it out every hour to shake it and put it back in the freezer repeatedly. This created the desired ice crystals, resulting in a very refreshing broth.

Our family likes to eat lots of vegetables, so we topped the noodles with cucumber, crown daisy, and radish sprouts. We also grated some radish, rinsed it in cold water to remove the spiciness, coarsely grated some wasabi, and crushed some nori (seaweed). Then we cooked the soba noodles. Luckily, I had some sea urchin (uni) on hand, so we gently placed it on top, making our mouths water just from looking at it.

Even a simple cold soba noodle dish seems complicated when writing down the steps. However, since the tsuyu determines the overall flavor, make sure to prepare it diligently! Today, remember to express your gratitude to the person who made any food for you.

Servings: 2

Time: 30 minutes plus an additional 2–3 hours for making ice in tsuyu


  1. 200g buckwheat noodles
  2. 500 ml comble’s tsuyu
  3. 200 ml water(optional: if you want to adjust the tsuyu seasoning)
  4. 2 cucumbers, julienned
  5. 50 g crown daisy, removed the leaves
  6. 40 g radish sprouts
  7. 200 g radish, grated and rinsed with cold water
  8. fresh wasabi to taste, grated
  9. dried seaweed, crushed
  10. some uni(optional)

Cooking Instructions:

  1. Place the tsuyu in the freezer and shake it after 1 hour, repeating 2–3 times.

2. Place the cucumber, crown daisy, and radish sprouts on a tray. Mix them lightly.

3. Heat a pot over medium-high heat and add 6 cups of water. Bring it to a boil. Cook the buckwheat noodles for 6–7 minutes and then quickly rinse them in cold water. Strain them using a strainer.

4. Place the cooked noddle in a serving bowl.

5. Put the mixed vegetables on top of the noodles.

6. Pour the cooled tsuyu over the serving bowl.

7. Place the grated radish, fresh wasabi, uni, and dried seaweed on top of the noodles.

8. Serve it promptly.

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