Udon Soup Base

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4 min readJun 4, 2021

….I made udon soup base for the first time in a long time. You can keep in the refrigerator for up to 3 months. Also this recipe is the one I’ve been making for my family for years and years. I hope this recipe will be delicious udon soup base for someone too. Please enjoy it.

Servings: 1 L

Times: 30 minutes plus 24 hours for soaking kelp, dried anchovy, corn black pepper, dried shiitake mushrooms, water, and sake


  1. 50 g kelp, clean with wet towel
  2. 40 g dried anchovy
  3. 25 g dried shiitake mushrooms
  4. 2 Ts corn black pepper
  5. 500 ml sake
  6. 700 ml water
  7. 400 ml Mirin
  8. 300 ml soy sauce
  9. 100 g Bonito Flakes
  10. 3 Ts hondashi
  11. 4 Ts sea salt

Cooking Instructions:

  1. Heat a pan with low heat and stir fry the dried anchovy for 1–2 minutes(it removes a fishy smell).

2. Soak the kelp, corn black pepper, dried shiitake mushrooms, stirred dried anchovy, water, and sake into a big pot for 24 hours with a lid(do not boil).

3. After 24 hours, boil the pot without the lid to flambé for 3 minutes(the process of blowing off alcohol). Sift the broth with a strainer.

4. Heat a pot with medium high heat and pour the broth into the pot. Add the soy sauce and Mirin into the pot to boil them for 1 minute.

5. Turn off the heat and add the Bonito Flakes into the pot for 5 minutes with the lid(do not boil).

6. Sift the broth with a cheese cloth. Put the broth into the pot.

7. Add the hondashi, and sea salt into the pot to boil them 4 minutes(long-term storage possible).

8. Dilute and use as udon soup(soup base: water= 1: 5, depends on person).

9. To sterilize the glass jar, put water in a pot and the glass jar upside-down.

10. When the water starts to boil, boil it for 10 minutes with low heat.

11. If there is enough moisture in the glass jar, turn off the heat and leave it to dry. Put the udon soup base into the sterilized bottles, store in a refrigerator and use for 3 months.

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